Monday, December 12, 2011

Not Looking A LOT Like Christmas

Moss and Birch    ©2011     
Our snow came.....and then went. Now it stays cold and gray out....even when the sun shines, the gray of bitter winter permeates the air. I am in the studio now where I contemplate the next work. It is warm here, so here I will stay until it is time to go on a brisk walk with Nellie or tend the horses. Chores are done quicker now...we are down to two easy chore.

Our brook runs free. ©2011

It has been cold,even for Nellie.We were spoiled by the warm weather that fall afforded us.I fight with her to put her barn coat on her......she looks at me with
'boogie' when she sees me coming with her jacket! After the tussle we are off for our walk.In fact, it is time now!

Nellie watches     © 2011


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Great photos!

Kpeters said...

Thank you! Hoping for some snow shots soon!!