Sunday, November 27, 2011

Comes Winter

Nell the snow bunny...       ©Kathi Peters  2011
Snow came last week and covered the farm with a soft white blanket ,brightening our days. Nell donned her new barn coat and burrowed in the white, gone to ground in pursuit of moles or other varmint.Thanksgiving day was shared with our children and family. Fall is slipping into winter as it often does.

Our outside greens are up.
And then on Saturday our mail brought a pleasant surprise......the Fall issue of StrokeSmart magazine arrived and it is sporting my face on the cover!! It actually is my self-portrait that I did...A study of my face in casein.StrokeSmart magazine is put out by the National Stroke Association  .In 2009 I donated a portion of all sales in my solo art show  "Finding My Voice", held at Gallery B in Lexington,KY. , to the National Stroke Association.had been contacted by a freelance written for StrokeSmart about doing an article about me, my art and my recovery after a ischemic stroke in 2006. I never thought it would be such a big article....and never thought I would make the cover!! Imagine my surprise to see my face
on the cover!!! I try to do a new self-portrait every year.....and they used my 2009 painting! Lisa Pogue,the writer, did a lovely job capusclating my stroke and personal approach to recovery.Thank you Lisa and StrokeSmart!!

My self-portrait  ©kathi peters.2009
Article featured two paintings that are now with Gallery B.
Maybe next my painting will make the cover of The  Rolling Stone!!!!

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sue said...

Oh can I have your autograph please :-)

Seriously, you're a great inspiration even to we artists who haven't suffered strokes or other major traumas - so well deserved acclaim I say!

but .. please keep your snow to yourself, not ready for it here in the UK yet