Friday, February 11, 2011

One Big Painting Done & One Sold

"A Pair And A Spare"         casein on canvas       30 x 40"        copyright 2011
Three horses, who stood feeding at their hay rack,  provided me with their power house posteriors as inspiration. Thus this painting came into being! The back-end of horses has always been a hallmark of my equine work.....I continue the subject in this 30 x 40" casein on canvas. For now "A Pair And A Spare"  will hang in my studio and it is available on my website.

I do like painting big works on occasion and was so elated when I was invited to take part in a exhibit and be included in a Maine Arts Commission  grant in 2009. My painting "Freeport Heroes"  was part of the Freeport Creative Arts group show  "Experiencing Freeport - Showing Our Town Through Art". You can see more about that show in my Sunday, August 23, 2009 blogpost. I was honored to have been chosen as one of the Maine artists to be part of that undertaking. My painting has been exhibited in Freeport since .....and recently sold! 

"Freeport Heroes"     casein on canvas      48 x 48"

I am enoying the sunfilled day. Winter in Maine at it's best. Nellie sleeps on the bed! 



BonnieBanters said...

Congratulations upon completion of a wonderful piece! It inspires a sense of calmness, and brings one back to earth.

Leenie said...

Power posteriors! Great composition and beautiful colors. I can almost hear the stomp of those big feet and the shaking of their manes and tails. Yes, a power painting. Well done!.

Kpeters said...

Thank you both...It is always a good feeling to finish a painting and see it turn out the way you envisioned. And I have to admit I loved seeing those big guys.I love drafts!


Hanny said...

You really capture your horses in how they live as horses. It's not just a picture of a horse, it's a captured moment of life.

Bro. OH said...

I sure do like your site. The paintings are wonderful, I enjoy so much looking at them. Also your pictures and the way you write give a relaxed unhurried feeling. Thank you

Blu said...

What a delight to visit your blog!

Kpeters said...

Thank you Hanny...I love horses..maybe that is what comes through in my work?