Friday, January 21, 2011

Angels And Horses

This 8 x 10"  still-life oil painting is almost done.
Today a winter storm rages outside the studio.  I am cloistered in this cozy space, working on several works..... but the above oil painting on copper panel, is almost done. It depicts objects that I love, and that all have a connection to my life. The angel is one of my angels that came with me when I came back to America after living for years in Italy. I have a small collection of these angels, angels who I imagine came out of churches at some time in the past. I bought them in street markets near our apartment in Milano....How I loved shopping there with my mother.There were no supermarkets in Italy then. Everyday we shopped for our fresh food and vegetables. And while my mother food shopped, I hunted for treasures, like my angels. Today they guard my sleep in our bedroom. The book "The Art Of The Horse" sits on a table in my studio, to always inspire me. The Indian block print cloth underneath, was a gift from a dear friend. They all have meaning for me...and hopefully someone else can relate to these...all depicted together.

The view from my studio today.
I will stay painting in my studio. The horses are bedded in their stalls out of the snow and wind. And the storm  blows outside.


Studio at the Farm said...

LOVELY oil painting! But your weather ... ? YUCK. Good painting weather.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

That is a beautiful little painting. I like things like that. You should paint more angels. xo

Gary Keimig said...

great blog and art.

Susan said...

Hi, Kathi - I came across your blog today and have spent the last 30 minutes or so viewing your art and reading your thoughts. I will return time and again. I love your work and your style - just wonderful, wonderful!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Brrrr...looks cold in that photo!!

Isa-Belle said...

Hi ,

I like your paintings so much ... I like horses and painting !

Greatings from Belgium


Martha said...

I love your painting of your treasures. Horses, angels,cozy studio and painting,horses snuggled in,thats a good life!