Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cob Cottage On A Hot Day

Yesterday was hot, muggy and very much a July day. The air was stagnant in the studio. even with the fans running. Poor Mittens had to stretch herself out on the cooler wooden floor in be comfortable, while I worked. It is very hard to be a furry cat on hot summer days.

Addie, our resident Corgi, took her guard post on the arm of the couch [with her chewy bone close at hand] from where she could see the cottage door and all who entered ...and catch the breeze from the living-room fan. It's a hard job, but one that she nevertheless takes on as hers.

Little Nell, our homeland terrier-ist, rested herself in the big chair where there is ample room for her to stretch our her long legs and catch a breeze on her netherland's on such a muggy July day. I was stuck working upstairs in my loft studio, where the heat and mugginess collected ...and so went my day.

Today dawned sunny, but the mugginess is gone and we are all enjoying the weather that is what Maine is all about. I am working in my studio..... and some of us are still napping around the house.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Great photos and prose thanks for sharing :)

Kpeters said...

Thank you, Elizabeth....I love sharing my 'beasties' with others.!