Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Our flag is flying high this weekend. It actually flies all the time. But today we stop and take time to honor the veterans and to also remember family and friends who have past. We all are indebted to the veterans who fought for our freedom... in America and abroad, in the past and still today. Some of them are from my family.....and today is a day to take time to remember them and what they have given for us and future generations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Our spring is in full swing here in Maine..finally. My lilacs are perfuming the air and my perennial gardens give me so much joy ...either looking at them ..or working in them. Every year I say I will not get anymore new plants, but I can't stop myself from picking up some new flowers or ground-covers to round everything out! So far this spring I have added a new bleeding heart and a different Monks Hood. Don't ask me varieties..I just know color!! Years ago I worked in a commercial green house, and then for a nursery, but names escape me now. I just know color!!

This above is my "Look Into Garden", with the first blooming old fashioned lilac. I look down into this garden from my kitchen windows and it is a joy all year long with interesting landscape even in the middle of winter.

And then below, the view now from my studio, shows the round veggie garden that we separated with an arbor that will be shaded with grape, clematis and then morning glories later in the season.I get to look out at the horses as they graze in their fields. Mares on one side ...geldings on the other.

Now I better get back to work on painting on this glorious day of remembering and honouring!

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