Monday, December 1, 2008

From My Window

Thanksgiving has come and gone and life is getting back to normal [ a bit] at Cob Cottage. We picked up a 10 week old Jack Russell Terrier [or is that terrorist?] on Thanksgiving day to extend our family. Little Xiaolin Nell has won our hearts and even Addie , our 8 year old Welsh Corgi has accepted the new baby. I can't speak for our cat, Mittens.
So because I am having to 'mind the store" so to speak while Little Nell acts like a bull in a china shop....I am having to do my artwork on the first floor living space..and so I am doing pen and ink sketches ...something easy to pick up and lay down at a moments notice! Nell's given name is Xiaolin ...a Chinese name meaning bamboo forest...we have added Nell to her name as it is easier for me to say and remember. And she looks like a Nell.

This pen and ink sketch is 13 by 10 and is done on Strathmore paper. I am putting it up on my website in the Landscapes and Still Lifes Collection.

I will get some pics up on my blog of Miss Nell....but right now I need to rescue the cat!

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