Monday, November 10, 2008


With great "fan-fair" I produce for you my barn door!!! [Did I spell that right?? fan-fair??] This view of the barn is a favourite of mine and the double garden seat is where we sit and ponder and discuss on summer evenings around the fire pit. A glass on wine...some cheese and crackers...the crackling fire and the peaceful scene of the horses nibbling on grass. I will remember this all when the snow flies and the winds howl this winter!

The loft door will be painted too, probably next spring...for now I need to finish up cleaning my gardens, put the garden pond to bed for the winter and set the Japanese Iris into the ground before frost.

And then I am ready to concentrate on studio work and commissions. It is that time of year!!

But so many had asked about a view of the barn door it is. A side note...our Maggie filly was sporting a yellow mustache on the day I did the back barn door...I am sure she was saying to the other horses "And I helped!!!"

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Donna Ridgway said...

I knew it would look like sunshine!