Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shades Of Black- The Series

I have completed two more caseins for the Shades of Black series…one of which is depicted here.

There are so many colors in black………and there are so many colors in my two black horses, two Tennessee Walkers…They throw off the reflection of light from their surroundings, the woods, the fields, and the sky. I see blues and reds and purples in their black coats and manes.

Nothing is black…life is not black and white. And things are never just what they seem. This is why I play with this ‘Shades of Black’ series and will continue to explore it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Drawn From My Life

A few days ago I set up a still life to play around with. I haven’t done one in “color” in quite a while. I have done sketches of things that I have around the house…where they stand, not taking the time to really set them out with good lighting, just trying to make a composition that would work. But I felt the urge to do a few real still-life works and here is one.

This is casein on canvas, 8 x 10 inches. My mother gave me the pitcher years ago and I paired it with some apples that came off the huge crab apple tree that stands out side of my studio window.

I just needed to convince myself that I still could do still life works and enjoy them. I think I did.

I know I will be doing some more of them over the winter. I have a lot of memories in dust catching mementos displayed around the cottage…what fun! In each painting you will share a personal connection with my life and surroundings. Maybe this will be a good way to get to know me…..?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Four-in-Hand at Acadia

Last weekend we went up to Acadia National Park carriage driving with friends. Wildwood Stable was getting ready to close for the winter season. What a wonderful time we had, with weather that was awesome. Maybe the fall colors weren't as brilliant this year as other years, but there were splashes of color that delighted the soul.

This casein painting above, done on Colorfix paper, is one of the works from the body of work that I am painting now. The four-in-hand in this painting is a team that was up at Acadia on an other occasion.

It always amazes me that these horses stand and wait , calmly, for the hitching and for the whip to take up the lines ......and then off they go! It makes me think that this is how we should approach life..............wait and then when the moment is you go!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Waiting Our Turn

Maine Carriage Day is one of New England's oldest pleasure driving shows.For years it was held at Cumberland Fair Grounds, then moved to different spots, Snowfields in Pownal, and other training barns that had room for it. This year it is being held at Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth, and will have a different format.It will be held with dress classes and turnout classes being the most important themes. I hope to be there to get shots of interesting turnouts for future paintings, and to help with the ongoing art show that is still exhibited, "A Dog And Pony Show".

The small work pictured above is of a whip and her Morgan from a Maine Carriage Day event of years ago. This is a 5 x7 inch casein on canvas board. It of course is available for purchase.

This weekend we are heading to Acadia and Wildwood Stable to go driving with friends and their beautiful pair of Clydesdale's! I am looking forward to spending this time steeped in the tradition of carrige driving and the beauty of the carriage roads of Acadia, one of Maine's greatest treasures.