Friday, August 24, 2007

In past years I have enjoyed summers at Acadia, with my husband, driving our Welsh Cob mares. Lazy summer days with the pair trotting down the carriage roads built by Mr. Rockefeller, so that he could enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Desert Island and coastal Maine. If you have horses and haven’t been there, you need to go!!

At Wildwood Stables, where we camped with our horses, I took many shots of the draft horses there that pull the carriages that take the tourists through the carriage roads, so they can get a glimpse of the beauty that hides on these roads forbidden to the automobile. This casein is of one of those big boys, on a respite. I have done several versions of this draft, in different mediums- in casein, watercolor, acrylic, liquid gold, and pastel. Some of those can be seen on my

“A Quiet Spot” is the latest version of this gentle giant.


Zinnia said...

This is an interesting painting. I love the color, but it reminds me alos of the paiting by Andrew Wyeth, Christina's world. The reclining body, the field, the color. It's definitely it's OWN painting, not a pale reference to that one, but it is interesting to see this and think of another maine painter... :)

Kpeters said...

I had written a nice intelligent response to you..and my computer crashed...sigh.
Thanks for your comments Zinnia..........