Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ice Ponies

Even though it is sunny out here now and the trees are in full green, flowers in bloom and the grass growing way too fast......I thought I should tell you about a diptych I did last winter , but have not put onto my website yet.
These two casein paintings on canvas are only 5 x 5 inches each, painted on all sides and ready to hang or sit on a shelve, without a need to frame them. Together they make a 5 x 10 inch painting depicting a small herd of Icelandic horses eating their hay. This herd belongs to a friend who breeds Icelandic horses in Knox, Maine. Icelandics are the neatest breed, with a comfortable rack and with "brio" galore. if I didn't have Walking horses to ride, I would want a woolly big hearted Icelandic.

I am glad the snow is gone...........the birds sing and summer is not far away. But these little caseins bring back the memory of the winter.... long gone by now.


klp said...

I really like the way the images pull the eye around the corners of the canvas and that each painting can stand alone or fit together seamlessly as one. Very Clever.Wish I could do that with pastels.Klynn

Kpeters said...

ah, but you can with casein paint...!
Or oil or acrylic, etc. You may be able to get gallery wrap frames in watercolor canvas.Check it out?!

Karen Baker Thumm, AAEA Associate said...

Kathi, I love your Ice Ponies! What a clever idea for a diptych. On a hot day like today, it makes me long for the cool of winter. Almost...

Kpeters said...

it will be winter soon enough......for now enjoy your gardens and riding.........and get into that studio too!!! ;-)