Friday, January 27, 2017

In The Middle Of Winter

Winter has dropped her blanket of white on our farm. It means more studio time for me, after the shoveling and barn chores are done I head to the studio each day. I love this time of year. The farm and the forest that surrounds our home seem magical, cloaked in white as more snow falls softly from the skies.
I have been busy shipping commission and sold work for clients nation wide. New works are in the making...I hope you will find one that 'grabs you'!

"Arriving Back At The Barn" , watercolor, 9.5 x 20"   copyright 2016
The recent watercolor that I did of a four-in-hand carriage scene, up at Acadia, "Arriving Back At The Barn-Acadia", was sold as soon as it was put up on my website. I'm leaving my watercolors out for future watercolor work.... it feels good to be back into them. But I also will continue my foray into abstraction with representative work.
And so I paint [ in my cozy studio].


"Comrades"  , watercolor , 12 x 14" copyright 2017

All sun bleached and standing in the heat of the day....two handsome Belgian draft horses,and they always make me think of football players...tall and strong.
"Comrades"  is done in watercolor and gouache , and then I went in and hit places with ink at the end.
It is offered unframed. Shipping and handling is included in its price for shipping within the USA.