Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Than A Day Late-Dancing With Horses!!

I guess over a week has past since my last blog post.....need I say I have been busy? I have not posted since I announced the art show opening reception of "Women In Motion" at  Couleur Collection Gallery in Falmouth, Maine. I got some lovely shots of The Portland Ballet's performance that was staged at the reception to every one's delight.......and as we stood watching the dancing that was staged in front of my artwork, a friend [and collector of my work] remarked "Dancing With Horses"!! YES!! It was!!....and it gave an entirely different and wonderful meaning to this exhibit for me!

The Portland Ballet performed in front of my art work!

 The reception was packed and the gallery put on a wonderful show for all.

    So Wonderful to see dancing with horses all around!!                        


After the reception on our way back to our car we met two fur kids who were looking for some attention too!!We had to stop and talk with them.They are some wise words to say about art and the state of affairs in the world today.
All in all, the day was stellar.

Thank you, Couleur Collection!!!

The show is up until mid November.....if you are in the area and have a chance check out the is all about "Women In Motion"..........

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Connection With Couleur Collection

"Shades Of Gray #8"   Oil on copper panel      22 x 22"
Last week I headed down to Falmouth, Maine to deliver art work for a neat art show that is opening this week in an equally neat gallery and store. Couleur Collection  is a gallery that is ALSO a  women's clothing store, where all the clothes are displayed in sections by in one section, green in another,yellow in yet another......The store is a visual cornucopia of color and a treat for the eye. Add to that a unique gallery display of fine art......How neat is that?!!!
I was invited to take part in their upcoming show "Women In Motion", along with other artists, photographers and the Portland Ballet Company. I am looking forward to a fun opening reception to be held  this Sunday , October 14th at 1:00 to 3:00 pm.!!! Come on out!!

Fall is here at Cob Cottage Farm....the colors in full display and leaves are falling fast.I am enjoying that color display too each day as I try and keep up with the gardens and walk Nell in the frisk fall air and waning fall sunshine.

Only one watercolor to show this week......."The Chestnut Pony"  done on Arches watercolor paper. It is already up on my website....and I am starting an rather large fall landscape. I am starting it with casein.....and then I will finish it in oil. I can work faster that way!! So to work......

But don't forget the show this coming Sunday!! Falmouth, Maine.... here I come!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waxing Poetic And Painting Too

Our farm today.  ©2012 kathi peters
Nell and I took a walk to the back of our fields today.We have had a rash of gray days with rain, rain, today's sun beckoned, so we enjoyed a longer walk and the sunshine. The horses are grazing in the back fields, and will until deer hunting's gun season. I took my camera with me and succeeded in capturing some wonderful photos that I can use to compose a painting I am planning. Nell had fun smelling all the wild animals smells that cover our farm.

Now ,back in the studio, I have to get back to work. Nell sleeps under my drawing board. I have finished an oil painting of the ripe grapes on our took me a while.

 "Ripe Arbor Grapes"   Oil on copper   12 x 12"  ©2012
Our marigold circled grape arbor today. ©2012 kathi peters
During the recent rainy spell I spent time walking in the wet woods....and on one of Nell and my walks, I composed this poem......
 The Woods Today
The woods today, seemed dark and gray
Until I stepped inside.
Then orange and red
Covered green moss bed
Of paths I walked beside the upright trees
That dropped their color, bold and bright.
Though rain had wet the fields from skies above, all dark and gray,
The woods were decked in colors that brightened up my day.

Now I need to get to work, while Nell sleeps. Paperwork is waiting for an invitational art exhibit I have been invited to participate in. It opens next week!..I will write it a bit later!! I am stoked to be invited!!! AND it IS in MAINE!!