Thursday, December 30, 2010

It Was All About The Storm

The snow fell and blew.
  The week started with snow.Then more snow..... and then it blew around the farm recreating moguls and drifts, which made the path to the barn disappear from sight. The dogs did not want to go out of the warmth of the house. Ican't say I did either! Our cat slept thoughout the storm, getting up only to race crazed around the cottage, then curl up again and sleep. I wanted to just curl up and sleep too, but horses needed care and the dogs needed to be dragged out occasionally to take care of business. And then after the snow stopped, and skies cleared, came the shoveling out. Not much time was spent in the studio. More time was spent just trying to get 'life' back to a 'norm' for winter chores.....horses out,horses in...dogs out and about ....paths to and from it all.

View of barn after storm & my stars that hang on our deck...for my starry starry night enjoyment!

Duster and Dom enjoy their snow bath each morning.

The horses were more than happy to get out and roll in the new snow. Our neighbor came with his snowmobile and punched a path for Les to wend his way out to the manure pile. Life has taken it's winter schedule and yes, I will be getting back into the paint . I grab my studio time as I can.


In the meantime....All of us at Cob Cottage want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Some exciting new happenings on my front.....more about that later. Now it is time to walk the dogs along their snow maze down to the barn!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to All From Cob Cottage

Cob in snow
We awoke this morning to snow covered fields and woods. What a wonderful present for Christmas! The dogs romped their way down to the barn for morning chores and the horses were more than happy to roll and canter through the fresh fallen snow. But with the enjoy of the seasons new snow comes the reality that this needs to be shovelled and paths cleared before the next snow storm.

Our home is decorated for the holidays...a small Christmas tree befitting our 'cobby' cottage stand proud in the living room, in a spot where we can enjoy it's twinkling lights. The room smells of Christmas, with candles and tree.

Our tree with the small sleighs travelling around it!

The dogs are excited if they know a morning will come soon when Santa will leave them a present to open....Nellie thought that our Santa doll was hers. She was so sad when I took it away from her to put him on the shelve.She sat and stared at him....crying a sad that her 'chewy Santa" was out of reach!

Nellie inspecting Santa..

Addie just watches the silly JRT.

We are ready for Santa here on the farm. The studio has sat idle this week while we prepared for this holy and happy event! Christmas is a special time for us...for gathering with friends and family, but the animals are not forgotten on this holiest of celebrations. We remember that a barn was the place that the baby Jesus was born.....a humble barn. We always take a midnight trip to our barn with apples and carrots for the horses....We will this year again..And we wish you all a Merry Christmas ....Happy Hanukkah from our home to yours.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On The Farm

Graphite study of Morgan      14 x 9 1/2"
Lately our winter has been a bit mild, gray....rainy. We had a lovely snow fall that blanketed the farm in white that lasted a while ...brightened our landscape for a while until the rain, winds and warm temperature began.

White snow to drape our fields

Now our farm sits surrounded by brown and gray woods, and today gray sky. In a spot in our woods, not far from the bubbling brook, there stands a tree that has nestled in its branches a huge squirrel nest. It fascinates me. I image cozy rooms inside....a bed room with leaf covered bed, a living room with games  for squirrel sized hands to play, a kitchen with a larder stuffed full of nuts and seeds.It makes me smile to think what might be taking place in this high rise homestead. It is a squirrel cottage on Cob Cottage Farm!

A Woodland home

During the bad weather I have been working in the studio, [ See the above graphite study.] with occasional breaks to walk the dogs and care for the horses. I have shipped paintings off to their new homes, hoping that they brighten someone's Christmas, and have finished Holiday commissions. I have news that I know I need to get sent out in a current newsletter to clients. You can sign up for my email newsletters just by going to my website and opting to take part.

I am headed out now.... out for a quick walk with the dogs, down to the barn to give the horses some hay. I know Victoria ,one of our Welsh Cob mares, is waiting for hers. She stands and looks up at the house, contacting me through osmosis...."FEED ME!!!"

"Feed Me!"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pondering The Small Things

Oil painting  on Copper substrate....a work in progress.  10 x 10"
"There is a reason things happen the way they do in life. I truly believe we are in life, where we are for a reason....not just random happenstance . " I awoke at four a.m. this morning with these words rumbling around in my mind. I got up and wrote them down. Then I went back to bed and slept. I wonder what that was all about? But I am sure I will soon find out!

I have two paintings in their ugly stage in my studio now. My  holiday commission work is all done, except for one watercolor for a certain client, but that can wait until after the holidays. This is good, because I am really feeling the need to get into some original work. Outside a very gentle snow falls and earlier I was called out to the soft flakes to walk the dogs. We walked by our brook where the soft gurgling water welcomed us. Such a soothing sound.....I could sit and listen to it for hours...and often do to be honest. The dogs enjoy searching the brook's banks for bugs and mice while I just sit and enjoy the sounds of our woods.

By our brook stands a clump of birch. I love the white/gray birch year round, dressed in green leaves or stripped of their green, standing tall against the winter skies. I love painting birch. I have done several paintings of them....but now feel I need to approach depicting the birch bark up close and personal. One of our birch in particular is so interestingly different than the rest. How shall I approach it? Watercolor? Oil? .......

Our birch with its lovely coat.

While I ponder this....Nellie is telling me that she wants a walk. Maybe we will walk by the brook again,look at our birch and enjoy the brook's song. These pleasures are all there not by random circumstance.....they are there for our blessing.

Nellis says "Lets go out! Please!!"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Watercolor of Winter Belgians Done

"From The box - Belgians"   Watercolor    14 x 14"

The watercolor of the two Belgian Draft horses is done. A painting that started out as a summer scene ended up being a winter scene with snow flakes falling. The view of the horses as seen from the drivers seat , is one of my favourite views! Looking at the painting makes me want to get out and drive! But our weather is not so inviting. It has been cold,gray and damp...I prefer the warmth of the house,the cozy studio. So let it snow!!!
This painting is available for purchase on my website.....easy to do!

Now back to the studio where I am working on a still life in oil on copper..and  I am also working on a big casein.....of drafts....big driving horses!