Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shades of Black As Seen From Above

In the literal sense, this painting is really seen from above, but that is because my digital camera decided to quit on me after I shot this one shot... so it all is a bit skewed. But this a 16 x 20" casein I finished today, of one my black geldings, looking down at him from the hayloft. How cool is that?!

I find it fascinating how many colors I can see in a black horse. This pursuit has kept me busy over that last few years....and still excites me.

I am not done yet!! And I started yet another 16 x 20" casein of two black horses today.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Italian Lover

Two Italian Greyhounds rule the roost at the home of a friend on Deer Isle, Maine. They are the men in her life right handsome are they??!!! AND I get a taste of Bella Italia while I paint these handsome men!! This is one of Penny 's men....and I call this painting "Italian Lover".

This is an 8 x 6" casein on canvas mounted on board, that I worked on while I also am working on a casein of a male Corgi.. and another 16 x 20" casein for the
'Shades of Black' series. I find I need to be working on several paintings at the same time, and I go from one piece to the other as glazes dry and the paintings seem to emerge from one stage to the next. This is how I have worked for years....and I don't think I could change my system at this point in my life.

It makes for a messy studio, but a productive one!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

BT Raspberry

Today is too cold. The sun shines bright in the studio, but it was deceiving...It is a bone chilling 9 degrees out with a windchill that makes the horses very frisky and "playful". I guess it is not a good day to ride!!! ;-)
So I have finished this 6 x8" casein of a Boston Terrier who was blowing a raspberry at the camera. This little guy is a spitting-image of the actor/comedian Marty Feldman. "Frankie" has a wall eye....and every time I look at Frankie's photo, I see Mr. Feldman. I have some other shots of dear Frankie that I will be doing in the near future....but now I need to finish the small casein of an Italian Greyhound. This is as close to Italy as I will get this week!
And I have managed to get some new works up onto my website for viewing. This is a good thing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sitting Pretty

I have always been surrounded by horses throughout my life. I have ridden hunt seat, forward seat [in Italy], saddle seat and western. I even have done a bit of dressage with our horses over the years. But I have never ridden side-saddle and have always wanted to learn. It doesn't look very comfortable, but it does look so traditional and lady-like.
If I can't ride it.......I CAN paint it.
This small 10 x 8" casein work "Sitting Pretty" was finished today. This painting and a 'bunch ' of other new work need to get onto my website. [When I get a -round-to-it]. The days seem to whiz by lately and with a large part of each day being taken up with shoveling snow around this seems I have less and less time to spend in the studio! Maybe I am not shoveling as fast as I used to?
But I do have several new "Shade of Black" paintings in the works, and a all is not lost!
So ...back to work........................

Monday, January 7, 2008

We love our life on this little farm in Morrill, in Downeast Maine. Part of our love affair with this part of Maine is due to the lovely views we have when we look out our windows from this little cottage in the woods. On a morning last week, this is the sunrise I saw out my studio window. How great is that? Shots like this make me want to do more landscape work. How could I pass up the chance to depict this glorious God given morning?

News for the New Year:
I was juried into the Richeson’s 75: Artist’s Choice Exhibit 2008. My casein painting “She Rode a Purple Horse” will be hanging in this exhibit at the Richeson School and Gallery in Kimberly WI. From January 15th thru Feb. 22nd. This show will be available for viewing on-line after it's opening. There will be an artbook offered for purchase by the Richeson Gallery depicting all artworks in the art show.

I also have been invited to take part in The Grand National Celebration of Western Art Show & Sale 2008" in Pinion Hills, California. This is an invitational show where 5 of my new equine paintings will be exhibited, April 4th - April 12th, 2008.