Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The sun shines into the studio. and our horses feed on hay on top of the snow in their paddocks. I look down on them from my 3rd floor loft studio.What a great sight to be able to constantly look at. I have a great job!!

The 3 caseins of Hunter- Jumpers are almost done...but today I will give a preview of a watercolor completed. This work is of a driver [whip] as she bridles her gray pony for their drive. They make a great pair.

I surely feel blessed to be able to do what I do , love what I do ... and to still be able to do it!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Who said this blogging is easy??

Due to my own limitations, I have been locked out from my own blog since my last [and first] entry. We have been snowed under and blown by the winds since then. Just doing the barn chores has been a it of love?
But on the bright side...I have been painting. Yesterday I finished a watercolor [Titled: "Pony"] of a lovely gray pony who captured my muse at last fall's Maine Carriage Day held at Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth, Maine. Then I went back to painting three caseins I am working on of hunter-jumpers. Today I work on the three caseins and started a fourth in my "Shades Of Black" series. I am on a roll...........
Now if I can just remember how to get back into my blog creation page I will write more soon.......

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I have joined the world of the "blog". After everyone telling me I should have it is.
Not knowing what to write , or what to contribute I guess I will start with...

It is cold out this morning on our small farm in the Maine woods. The horses breath ice crystals as they trot around their paddocks, trying to warm up their stiff bodies , free now to kick and frolic, out of their nighttime containment. I have given them hay, uncovered their heated water tanks and lined their ice covered stall buckets out in the sun. I leave the 4 horses to their games, and Addie [ my best Friend and resident Corgi] and I are back in our warm cottage, enjoying the bright sun as it streams through our south facing windows.
I grab a hot cup of coffee and my work in my studio begins.